As part of his upcoming series "Gravity's End", visionary artist Ben Steele has brought to life a series of stunning, fully-animated NFTs.
         Click the thumbnails to experience each piece in its entirety. Interested collectors may contact for more information.

EP1: Morning Jog

The inspiring first scene of "Gravity's End" is now available exclusively as a once in a lifetime NFT. You won't want to mis this one.


This awesome synthwave NFT features Ava from "Gravity's End" and her trusty Kodansai maglev bike. It is featured in-universe as an ad for the company. NFT includes the animation and music.

Coffee With Ava At Midnight

This contemplative musical piece is perfect for setting a chill mood. NFT includes the animation and original music.

Binary Roses #1

This incredible NFT features the faceless dancers of the Binary Roses club in "Gravity's End", original choreography and a killer score. It was described as "Sexy, Disturbing and Awesome" by DJ Rocky and we couldn't agree more.

Self Evaluation: Tama

It's self evaluation time for the crew at "Gravity's End" and janitor/hackerboi Tama is up first. He just loves spending quality time with CENTSERV.

EP1: The Blackbody Jacuzzi

This NFT includes an intriguing scene from the first episode of "Gravity's End" and features lead characters Ava and Eurydi.